Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Barber Pole

I really like the small little old country towns that you find along the highway. I mean the country road highways ...not the super speedways. You know about these little towns....they are one street wide and once you get off the main drag you are back in the country. Recently Greg had a training seminar in one of these towns, and I went along. Of course I took my camera, and for about four hours I walked around town taking pictures of whatever caught my fancy. One lady was watching me for a while then came up to ask me what I was doing? See she knew I wasn't from around there. I told her that I was taking pictures of interesting things and she said "I don't know what you would see interesting in this town." Little did she know that I had taken well over 200 pictures. Anyway, I discovered that there were 3 working barber poles in this town. I hadn't seen a real rotating barber pole for a long time, so I took a number of pictures. I don't know if they planned it or not, but there was a dog grooming parlor right next to a human beauty salon. I wonder if they coordinate grooming appointments - so that you can have the dog done at the same time as your appointment. This would certainly save time while you were in town. Maybe for an extra fee they'll keep the dog while you are grocery shopping at the only food store in town. That's right - no McDonalds or fast food! I wonder how they survive?

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