Friday, September 18, 2009

MIS SkyWatch Friday

Greg took this picture last Friday, Sept 11, when we went to MIS (Michigan International Speedway) to donate blood. Each year on 9-11 they have a blood drive (they got 1197 pints this year), and they allow you to ride around on the track and give you access to the Champion's Club house plus provide a really great dinner. While we were in the Club House Greg snapped this picture. I liked it because the color of the seats repeat the colors in the setting sun and also because the rows of seats and the turn on the race track lead your eye over to the sky. Have a great weekend.

After is on top - before is below. Increased contrast, increased saturation, sharpened (probably not enough). Thanks for the suggestions.


  1. Nice composition in the photo. I Went Skydiving in Tecumseh Mi. years ago What a rush

  2. I love this photo. it is wondrous.

  3. Nice image. It would also be one with which you could experiment. Try pushing some of the features: saturation of the colors, graduation filter on the sky to bring more interest in the upper left corner, maybe a little more contrast to make image pop. The repetion of the seats leading to a distane point is good. The details are good.

  4. I love the perspective and the colors.

  5. Both images are good. You will have to decide which one is more to your style. I like realistic pictures and try to stay on that side of the line. You have improved the sky and added a pop to the image. You must be the final judge.


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