Monday, September 14, 2009

RFD - Down Memory Lane

Rural Free Delivery (RFD). I am fortunate to still be living near where I was raised. Back then the mailman knew everybody. These mail boxes are located at a cross road in a very small little community. They are mounted on an old buggy wheel and the mailman would rotate it to fill all the boxes. The wheel is stuck in place because of all the vines. Most of the boxes are gone, but the memories remain.

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  1. I like the theme of the image and your historical comments. The white boxes will draw the viewer's eyes to themselves no matter where you place them. So I might consider the following variations:
    1. What does the open space in the upper right corner do for the image? What do you lose if you cropped it? From the image you can not tell that the ring rotated. It is now just a support for the boxes, so do you need all of it in the image?
    2. What would happen if you tried to place the boxes more to the upper right 1/3 point?
    3. You have so much green in the frame would it help balance the green to increase the saturation of the reds and oranges?
    4. Would you like to rotate the image so the top of the mail box is level? Or did you want to create a little tension?
    I like your photography. This image did accomplish its objective. I thought of all such boxes that I saw in my youth.


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