Monday, September 21, 2009

Smile Today's Flowers Mellow Yellow

Sunflowers always make me smile. They seem to be happy flowers. Birds love them too! Be sure to click on Today's Flowers and Mellow Yellow to see more beautiful pictures.


  1. Where sunflowers bloom,
    golden beams of light abound,
    brightening the Earth.

    My Mellow Yellow

  2. They always make me smile too. Not only are they pretty from the front, but they are also very pretty from the angle you've taken your photo. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You're right - they do make us smile. It must be the big yellow sunny faces.

  4. Sunflower is the favorite yellow entry at MYM. Every week sunflower is always present. Love to have my own in garden. Check out my entry too.

  5. See you do have a slightly different style. Most people would have photographed the front of the flower and put it in the middle of the frame. You picked a better choice by photographing the back of the bloom, placing the stem to one side and even keeping most of the green base slightly off center. The background is blurred. Very good job! Simple, effective. Don't give-up photography. Keep learning. Practice makes a great difference.


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