Thursday, November 12, 2009

Meet Fred

Fred is a big (no huge) dog belonging to our friends. He still thinks he is a puppy, and if you sit in his chair he will try to climb into your lap. Despite his grumpy look, he is a very happy pup. Lives on a farm, with a huge yard, plenty of horses, chickens, cats and a goat to chase. Always something to get into. Inside the house we have come to an agreement - instead of sitting on my lap, he sits on my feet. In fact, he sits on everybody's feet! It's hard to get him to sit still for a formal portrait - so this will have to do. Enjoy.


  1. Fred is too adorable! He looks like he is part Rottweiler which is my favorite breed! And yes, they are just oversized (very oversized) lapdogs!

    Thank you for introducing Fred to us!

    ~ Tracy

  2. Lovely dog, looks so adorable sad

    Christina, Sweden

  3. I love his looks, he looks more like an old grumpy man than a puppy, but that makes him even more adorable in my eyes.


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