Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Answer

In their time these were quite the thing. These are plates that go into a planter to space out the seeds. You load the seed into a planter hopper - and these plates are at the bottom of the hopper. They go around as you move the planter and "somehow" only one seed is released for a certain distance that the planter travels. I am a visual learner - so I don't entirely get this or even how to explain it.

Each type of seed has a different size planter. These are for corn. Before this invention came about, there wasn't any way to automatically control how many seeds were planted at a time - unless you did it by hand. I believe these were used around the 1940's.

I liked this picture because of the texture of both the wood background and the old parts. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. In that case, they must have been smaller than the picture suggest. What a nifty invention though. When field sizes increased, sowing by hand was no longer feasible . The invention probably enabled the expansion of the field size.

  2. Actually they are about the size of the length of my hand - perhaps 5-6" in diameter as I recall.


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