Monday, March 22, 2010

Side by Side - MyWorld Tuesday

The story: This photo was taken on the main drag thru the small southern Michigan town of Saline. You could easily guess that this is a farm scene. What you probably wouldn't be able to guess is that the background shows an automotive manufacuring plant. It used to be Ford Motor, but that's another story for another day. They share a common property line.

If only we could go back to the simple life! The story for this photo is that farmers (ranchers) and manufacturers (large and small) work side-by-side to make their product available to fellow Americans. I feel that they both need to be appreciated for their struggles and sacrifices - as each contribute to their community in their own way. For them I am grateful!

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  1. Very interesting photo! The contrast of culture it shows is obvious all over when one explores the "edges." And you are right, both are important.

  2. It is indeed a great photo that vividly shows the contrast of culture that many of us don't have an opportunity to see! Marvelous post for the day! And, yes, as you and Dimple have both written, they are both important! Hope you have a great week, Gwendolyn!


  3. It's nice to see the manufacturer didn't push the farmer away as is often the case.
    Love the juxtaposition of them in your image - nicely captured.
    They are both important I agree and working side by side is evidence of the willingness to work together for the benefit of all.

  4. A great capture of how different cultures can live together side by side.

  5. Gwendolyn, you said it perfectly. And one picture can say a lot. Thank you for a wonderful glimpse and reminder of the world we all live in.

  6. I like the contrast of farming and big business. I agree that both should be appreciated.


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