Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Proud to be an American

A tornado went through our area early this past Sunday morning. Fortunately no body lost their life, but many lost their homes, buildings, cars, trees and other property. We personally didn't have an damage. The community of Dundee was hit pretty hard. While driving through town we noticed that someone took the time to uncover this damaged flag and place it on top of the pile of rubble before moving on to help someone else. It was remarkable how quickly so many people came from near and far to help their neighbors. There were electric company trucks from all over the region helping to restore the power.

This flag was a reminder to me that no matter what happens, we live in a great country and whenever there is a crisis, as a nation we are willing to step forward and help our neighbors.


  1. I'm sorry for those who lost their homes and other property during the tornado. I'm thankful that there were not any deaths. We had tornado warnings in Northwestern Pennsylvania early Sunday morning. Thankfully one did not touch down.

  2. Our prayers with you and your community. Good luck with the rebuilding...


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