Monday, June 14, 2010

Recycled Stone - MyWorld

We discovered this stone house on our recent trip. In Michigan, there are a lot of rocks in the ground. In order to farm the field, the farmer has to remove the rocks. Because of the freeze and thaw cycles in Michigan (which forces the rocks to the surface), the rocks have to be removed EVERY spring prior to working the fields. They are often piled up in fence rows, in ditches (to prevent erosion) or used for building. This is a genuine stone house, built many years ago. The ultimate in recycling!!! The interesting things about this farm was that they also had a couple of out-buildings and other structures built in the same style. It was a very well maintained farmstead - which showed the pride of it's current occupants.

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  1. The picture tells a lot of stories. An addition may have been added to the house. Do they outside meals on the table. There is a clothes line but everyone one has an electric dryer? Maybe some in the family is in the goverment; there is a flag and pole. Lots of nice details.

  2. Love buildings built out of stone and bricks - looks more permanent than the wooden ones. What a pretty photo.

  3. What a lovely house! What a fantastic way to recycle!! Great shot, Gwendolyn! Hope you have a wonderful week!


  4. When I enlarged the photo, I realized that the house is all made of small stones! Most of the stone houses I see around here, are cut stone blocks.

  5. What a great old stone house - recycled is even better!


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