Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Remember When

Do you remember when barn boots were plain ol' black and cost less than $10.00? Today on a rainy day on campus you can see a variety of these stylish foot can have your own for around $100.00. Wouldn't our pigs and cows have a smile on their face if we showed up in these!


  1. When my girls were little, I insisted they had to have those black and orange boots for when we walked the dog in the rain. I called them our dog walkers, although the kids called them boy boots. The pretty boots had no tread to speak of, and could only be worn to school.

  2. If you want some pretty boots without spending so much, visit Walmart or Target - they both carry them for around $20.

  3. How I like this entry of yours ! Spending a few days in Vienna, Austria it was nearly an identical sight and price tag. Yes, life surely did change much since i've been young. Please have a great Friday.

    daily athens


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