Thursday, July 29, 2010

Storm Watch - SkyWatch Friday

Storm front coming in. It's a good thing - the beans needed watering. But hold on, we didn't need so much rain in such a short time. Just another reminder that we aren't in control.
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  1. Gorgeous capture as always, Gwendolyn! Marvelous skies and I love the rich green color of the field. Love your composition as always! Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Excellent photo! Love your sky watch.

    Happy weekend ahead.

  3. Oooh - time to pull out the raincoats and umbrellas!
    Beautiful photo - and I like the angle, with all the green vegetation!

  4. Good photo of the oncoming storm...glad you got some much needed rain ...we here are getting very little rain and the garden as well as everything else is suffering with the temps. in the 100 range and hugh humidity.

  5. Marvelous capture.. this look breathtakingly beautiful!!

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  6. I long for rain and clouds, the smell of rain ... thank you for this nice escape.

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  7. What a beautiful view of the thirsty fields, pristine farm, and angry sky! Lovely capture.

  8. Love the picture and amen to that. I pray we are never in control of the weather!

  9. Love your perspective in this photo - the field sure looks lush!

  10. I love it when the clouds do this! You captured their ominous mood perfectly. Happy Friday!

  11. I love stormy skies when I am indoors :)
    We are waiting for those drops around here too.


  12. Beautiful composition. Good use of the green vegetation below to constrast against the pale white colours of the building and the sky. A pretty shot :D

    Have a good weekend.

    Alex's World! -

  13. Even though you don't need too much rain in such short time this picture is fantastic of the storm which is coming!


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