Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Playing with Mother Nature

While visiting my mom in Florida this past weekend I had the opportunity to visit the beach. I have hundreds (maybe thousands) of photos of sunrises on the ocean. This time I wanted to capture something more creative. So I played with the waves. It was a battle between getting myself wet and NOT getting the camera wet.
LR3, PS5, Viveza2


  1. Nice processing & I like how the beam of sun shines down in the middle! Very cool!

  2. Just came back to look at your older posts after my first visit -- and I thought wow that doesn't look like Michigan! It's a beautiful shot of the ocean! (You are meant to visit Florida in the Winter time though ;>)!

  3. This photo is a masterly shot :-D

  4. I could have stopped at any one of your photos to express my appreciation for your eye. I love the sea and I think you did a marvelous job capturing the light, the waves, the patterns of the foam. Kudos.


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