Monday, August 30, 2010

Something For Everyone - MyWorld

We came across this interesting little work shop along the highway. It was in a small A-frame building, not much bigger than a one car garage. The gentlemen had hub caps everywhere - hanging on the outside of the building and all over on the inside. Apparently he collects, repairs and sells them. He was gracious enough to allow me to photograph him in his workshop. I'll bet he can spin an intriging yarn or two.
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PS5, LR3


  1. That's a fun shot! It is truly HIS world, isn't it?!
    Thank you for visiting My World !

  2. What a fun post for the day! Love your photo, Gwendolyn! I bet he would have some interesting tales to tell! Hope your week is going well!


  3. Interesting plAce and character. Wouldn't have any problem collecting hub caps, they seem to pop off everywhere, the countryside is littered with them.

  4. people can be so nice sometimes.


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