Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This Old Barn

So many of the old barns are being neglected and are falling down. This one appears to have a new tin roof and an attempt at some paint. I enjoyed this photo because of the textures and lines of each structure going in different directions.
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LR3,PS5, Flypaper textures


  1. I agree many barns are not used and are forgotten. But this one looks like it's just newly renovated because of the roof. Love the texture too. Thanks for sharing and the visit!
    Old Barns

  2. Very nice & I love that they've added their name on the barn, too! Wonderful entry & thanks so much!!!

  3. I love the painted sign on the barn.

  4. nice vivid colors
    Thanks for sharing


  5. you have so many wonderfull pictures in Your pages! colours, barns, old things ...

  6. “...being neglected and are falling down.” – That's the common description when we saw old barns that's been abandoned and deserted. It's good to see this kind of old barn for a change, still being use and well-loved by its owner. Anyway, I love the color of the roof best; it’s pleasing and warm in the eye. =)

    Terry Arnold


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