Monday, April 4, 2011

American Integrity - My World

This is a picture of the Great Lakes "super freighter" called American Integrity. She is a super freighter because of her size: 1000' x 105'. In case you don't know how big that is, check out the truck on the dock for a reference of scale. Here she is, caught in the frozen waters of Lake Superior. Once the shipping lane freezes shut, the freighters can't move until the spring thaw.

Here are some quick facts about Great Lakes shipping:

1,600 miles long: The length of the navigation system, extending from Duluth, Minnesota, to Ogdensburg, New York; the system spans lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Eric and Ontario.

There are 63 commercial ports on the Great Lakes.

For more information about Great Lakes Freighters click here.
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  1. What a fun sight (although I'm sure the owners aren't as thrilled)! ;)
    You still have freezing there?... Where is your Spring? I hope you will be seeing colorful flowers and buds very soon!

  2. Great information here. Just last week my husband and I visited the Welland Canal between Lakes Erie and Ontario and saw a tugboat pushing a barge through. The canal has been open for a couple of weeks now so some shipping is in progress.

  3. Terrific capture as always, Gwendolyn! That is HUGE! Thanks for the information as well, very interesting! Have a wonderful week!


  4. what a busy waterway. a perfect spot to capture seaworthy vessels.

  5. It's so amazing to me how these freighters get through such thick ice.

  6. Boatnerd is a great site for planning to photograph shipping. One of the pages gives ETAs for different ships at different locations. In the Detroit area, they use the Dossin Museum on Belle Isle. A great place to watch the lake boats.


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