Monday, July 4, 2011

Fun on the Fourth

What a great day. We spent the whole day celebrating our freedom by garage sailing. Drove 250 miles of back roads. This sign gets the award for most creative. Came home with a car load of treasures. It's back to work tomorrow.

For more MyWorld photos follow this link.


  1. Fun post and photo for the day and what a fun 4th you had!! I'm envious! Hope your week goes well, Gwendolyn!


  2. That sounds like so much fun!! I haven't been "down and dirty" garage saling in years. I agree, that's quite a fun sign!! Thanks for stopping by my 'other' blog! Have a great summer. I'll be back! ~karen

  3. Great way to spend the day. Terrific find.

  4. I love it - what a patriotic sign!


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