Saturday, August 6, 2011

Flashback in Time - MyWorld

Rail transport is a means of conveyance of passengers and goods. In the good ol' days railways were very important to small agriculture based towns and often towns were built around a rail way.  This building is still standing and reminds me of how times have changed.  No longer needed - trains pass it by.  I remember this building because it was across the road from the mill where we took our corn to be ground into cattle feed.  
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  1. Did you do some post processing to that? It looks almost like a painting when I blow it up. Trains are cool.

  2. I do love trains and this small station reminds me of one from my childhood! Delightful capture and post for the day, Gwendolyn! Enjoy your week!


  3. My grandmother lived near a railroad that carried coal from the Lackawanna mines in Pennsylvania. As a child when I visited her I love to wave to the train engineer as the train passed by.

  4. lovely composition. desolate and sad.


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