Thursday, September 1, 2011

Go Blue! SkyWatch Friday

Would you believe it.  Football season is here.  The University of Michigan's first home game is this weekend.  There are a lot of really dedicated football fans in this part of the state.  They believe in their team - win or lose. 

Some fun facts about the University of Michigan's football stadium:

Michigan Stadium is the third largest stadium in the world.  It's nickname is "The Big House"

On September 4th, 2010, 113,090 attended a game at Michigan Stadium between Michigan and the Connecticut Huskies,  the largest crowd to see a college football game since 1948 and an NCAA single-game record.

In 2004, Michigan set an NCAA record for average attendance at home games, with an average of 111,025 fans.

The first night football game in the stadium is scheduled for September 10, 2011.

Go Blue!

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  1. what a great photo
    red barns feel like an iconic rural USA image to me

  2. I love to see country barns painted ..I live here in Michigan

  3. What a fun post for Sky Watch! I love it! And, yes, GO BLUE! And I love red barns! A winner in both cases! Have a wonderful weekend! Happy SWF!


  4. That is the coolest barn ever....And I know exactly where it is...been meaning to get a picture of it someday.

    Go Blue!

  5. don't know much about football, but I love the barn! awesome =)

    happy swf

  6. Oh man, now that's a fan!! What a fun and colorful photo, and what dedication to a team! I love photos of barns, and though I have no affiliation with the U of M, I have wonderful memories of and great fondness for Ann Arbor. So yeah, GO BLUE! :-)

  7. Nice facts! :) that's a lot of people.
    Very nice and colourful photo here. :)

    Have a good weekend.

    Alex's World! -

  8. I love the colour in this shot! The goldenrod is blooming away, and the barn is so well painted, in the background!


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