Monday, September 12, 2011

Remember When........

Do you realize that some of today's youngsters, have never seen a pay phone....lived in a house with just one land line......never experienced a party line....telephone numbers were only 4 numbers long.....never had to dial "O" and talk to an operator in order to place a long distance call.  I can't even imagine what new technology the future will bring for the next generation.  It's exciting and frightening at the same time.

This particular pay phone is still  used and is a very important connection with the outside world to the local  Amish community.  The true Amish people do not have this modern convenience in their homes.  They drive their horses to a central location and share one phone with the entire community.


  1. Usually progress is good. How many of us really want to live in the conditions of 1850? - Wayne

  2. I totally agree about 1850, or even 1950, but I am still not going to get a cell phone. When I am out of the house, it usually means I do not want to talk to people, and they can leave a message...

  3. There is a pay phone at the State Harbor by Crisp Point.


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