Thursday, January 3, 2013

Let Me Tell You A Story.......

On New Years Day we decided to celebrate Greg's first day of retirement with a drive thru the Ocala National Forest.  We drove down the road pictured above for about 10 miles and arrived at Lake George.  The weather was wonderful, great view, quiet and relaxing.  Got ready to leave and the truck was dead.  Wouldn't start.  Greg is very mechanically minded and I wasn't worried.  But no tools.  No way would it start.  Fortunately someone was watching out for us.  There were 3 bars of cell reception.  I only had enough charge remaining to find our location on a map so that we could tell AAA where we were.  Using Greg's phone we called AAA and they found someone to help us.  They arrived in good time.  Got it started and we drove back down this road.  Just before we got to the main road - a flat tire!!!!!!!  We pulled over to the side of the road and Greg got down on the ground to investigate.  He couldn't get the spare tire unmounted from under the truck......seems that whoever put the hitch on the truck covered up the bolt holding the tire.  When Greg stood up we noticed that his his entire lowers legs were swarming with thousands of fire ants.. We quickly brushed them off, but not before he got bitten several hundred times.   Lucky for us the AAA driver was nearby and came to help us...... again.    We finally got home safely, well after dark.........      Greg's legs are looking better, still painful, and he was able to start on an antibiotic to prevent the cellulitis from progressing.  Hopefully the rest of the year goes better.   

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