Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cherry Blossoms in Macon Georgia

In 1949 Mr William Fickling built a home in Macon Georgia.  He hired a landscape company to work in his yard.  In the front yard a mysterious tree bloomed with beautiful small white to light pink blossoms.  Nobody knew what kind of tree it was.  While on a business trip to Washington DC in the spring he noticed that the trees surrounding the Tidal Basin we similar to the tree in his front yard.  It was then discovered that his beautiful tree was a Japanese Yoshino Cherry Tree.  The original trees were a gift from the Japanese government to the American people during President Taft's administration, who had them planted around the tidal basin. 

Mr. Fickling began rooting cuttings from his trees and gave them to many of his friends.  Soon, the beautiful trees were to be found in many yards around the city.  Some years later he was asked to donate a large number of trees to beautify the city.  Large numbers of trees were planted around the city.  Today, if you visit Macon Georgia during March you will see around 300,000 cherry trees in full bloom.  No photograph can possibly capture their beauty.  You almost need to see them to even begin to realize their beauty. 

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